What is psycho somatic disorder:

                   This is a kind of disorder which will affect body and mind. In fact psychosomatic disorder is a combination of two terms like psycho means brain and somatic means body. In psychosomatic disorder any of the two will be affected.
                   Let’s have an example to have a clear idea: The rash of psoriasis may not bother some people very much. However, the rash covering the same parts of the body in someone else may make them feel depressed and more ill and it will come under psychotic disorder and similarly with some mental illnesses you may not eat, or take care of yourself, very well which can cause physical problem. It will come under the somatic problem.

List of psychometric disorder:

The psychosomatic disorder affect both the body and brain, hence the list of the psychometric disorder is long. Here are some of the common psychosomatic disorder psoriasis, eczema, stomach ulcers, high blood pressure and heart disease. And all this disease comes under the physical aspect of the psychosomatic disorder. In addition to that the other psychosomatic disorder are headache, twitching, neurovegetative disorders, gastric ulcer, Rheumatism and osteo-musles disorders: arthritis, lumbago, Cardiovascular system: arterial hypertension, throbbing of heart, infarct, Immunologic disorders: allergy: asthma, connectivitis, Endocrine diseases: hyperthyroidism, Lungs diseases: cough, dyspnea, Nutritive function disorders: anorexia, boulimy, Gynecology and Obstetric: dysmenorrhiae, Dermatology: psoriasis, eczema, Child psychosomatic troubles (Chronic Abdominal Pain, Enuresis, appetite troubles.

Treatment of psychosomatic disorder:

                   Here at Neha counseling and psychotherapy center we have proved that any kind of psychosomatic disorder can be treated without medicine and we will strive to the same principle. All the years our dedicated psychotherapist has been treating the psychosomatic disorder with utmost dedication sincerity. This has made Neha counseling and psychotherapy center as the preferred destination for all patients who are suffering from the psychosomatic disorder. With the state of the art infrastructure and dedicated psychotherapist we will ensure you to live a happy life. If we will observe for the last few years, the number of psycho somatic disorder is increasing and it is emerging as a major threat. Hence it is important that you are aware of it. If you feel that you are having any symptom of the above syndrome, fill the below form and submit to us. We will follow up with you to get rid of the psycho somatic disorder.

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