I AM A …..




Educational qualifications:

Graduation in psychology

M.S (counseling and psychotherapy)

MSW (master of social work)

Study and Experience in counseling field:

I studied branch of psychology for


Counseling experience in Govt. health sector


Own private practicing counseling centre experience:


I’m a well trained person in counseling and psychotherapy,

hypnotherapy and Pranic psychotherapy….

I’m very passionate about Hypnotism from my childhood.

(California Hypnosis Institute Of India.)

Certificate No: CHII/VIJNS/L103101782

I’m a certified master Hypnotist from world Renowned CHII

I’m certified pranic psychotherapist from

(World Pranic Healing Foundation, Inc.) Manila, Philippines.

YES, I CAN….understand you..

                                      YES, I CAN…. solve your psychological problem…

                                             YES, I CAN….give a new hope of your life.


Here is a short profile of our renowned psychologist Koteswar Rao, which you must have a look. The kind of experience he owes, is simply unbelievably. Koteswar Rao is not only a psychologist at the same time he has mastery in psychotherapy and hypnosis as well.

Coming to educational background, our psychologist Koteswar Rao is a graduate in psychology and he has also been awarded with a M.S in counseling and psychotherapy. In addition to the above, he has also another master degree social work. All together he is the man for you who can give you a life without any psychological disorders.

Koteswar Rao has ample experience in the field of psychology. He has studied psychology for 7 years. He has worked for more than a decade in government health sector. All total he has served 13 years as a consultant in government sector. In addition to that he has also 8 experience of private practice, where he has treated numerous patients.

The most important aspects of Koteswar Rao is the certification from CHII. He has been certified by the CHII as a hypnotist. CHII is a renowned international body for psychological treatment.

Also World Pranic Healing Foundation, Inc. Manila, Philippines has awarded Koteswar Rao as a certified pranic psychotherapist. Koteswar Rao has developed a passion towards hypnotism since his childhood as a result he has emerged as a repowered hypnotist. All our patients can avail the experience of our renowned psychologist.