Neurotic Disorders

What is neurosis:

                   In simple term neurosis means a kind of nervous disorder and in case of neurosis the patient will face a functional disorder. In case of the neurotic disorder the patient will face a distress situation but the patient will not face the hallucination.

What are neurotic disorders:

                   The list of neurotic disorder is very long and with the every passing day more and more people are getting affected with it. Any kind of mental disorder which will affect the emotional and physical symptoms or manifestations will be considered as the neurotic disorder
For your information here we are presenting some of the list of neurotic disorder:
anxiety disorder,phobias,
post-traumatic stress disorder,
panic disorder,
obsessive compulsive disorder,
adjustment disorder,somatization disorders,
dissociation disorder and many more.
                   Treatment of neurotic disorder is not a kind of rocket science and it can be treated effectively. There are several psychological counseling centers where the neurotic disorder can be treated. Among the counseling centers Neha counseling and psychotherapy center is the premier one where you can get rid of the neurotic disorder.

Symptoms of neurotic disorders:

                   As far as symptoms of the neurotic disorder are concerned, it varies from person to person. However the most common symptom found in case of every patient is the anxiety. The severity and intensity of the anxiety depends upon the person and how long the patient has been suffering from the mental illness. In addition to that the other symptoms associated with the neurotic disorder are palpitations, hyperventilation, numbness, muscle pain, tingling, rapid heart rate, headache and abdominal pain.

Treatment of neurotic disorders:

                   The treatment of neurotic disorder is absolutely possible and it can be done by a professional a counselor or a therapist. In fact psychiatrist or other mental healthcares professional are also able to treat the neurotic disorder. While treating the neurotic disorder to counselor has to keep one thing in mind that he is absolutely aware about the history of the patients.

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